Special General Meeting
Held Friday, June 15th, 2018 at Charlestown Bowling Club

Attending: R Disney, M Taubman, S Dyett, B Parr, T Walker, M Dyett, D Bower, A Marisescu, G Macor, L Pierpoint, G Mitchell, A Cathcart, B Ramsey, C Crebert, R Sebok, J Castles.

Meeting Open: 7:05pm
Club meeting was called to discuss an email the Club had received from the Australian Backgammon Federation.
Rob read the email to the club member, asking them if they as a club, would like to join the 2018-2019 federation.
The cost of joining is $25 per club, Newcastle Club has received an anonymous donation for that specific purpose.
Motion: That the Newcastle Backgammon Club pays the $25 to the Australian Backgammon Federation for this financial year, with the view to review the situation next year. Under review will be if we see value for our membership.
The vote was 9 for the membership, 1 against.
The decision to join the ABF this year was passed.

Meeting Closed 7:20pm


2018 Newcastle Backgammon Club

on Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at Charlestown Bowling Club, starting at 7:25 pm.

Attending: M Taubman, R Disney, S Dyett, M Dyett, G Macor, C Ianculescu, A Marisescu, R Sebok, B Ramsey, L Pierpoint, D Bower          

            1. OPENING AND READING OF MINUTES FROM 2017 A.G.M and Extraordinary AGMs
            Read and accepted, D Bower/L Pierpoint


            3. PRESIDENT'S REPORT
             2017 was a quieter year for the Club though the Championship competition was one of the closest of recent times coming down to 1 point on the final night. Congratulations to Mick and Brian on a              hard fought battle and to Gerhardt Macor for his Australian Open second.
The club continues to enjoy the facilities of Charlestown Bowling Club and I trust will be able to for a good while to come.
Once again, thanks to Michelle and Bruce for organisation and results duties for the times I was absent during the year.

Read and accepted MD/GM

            4. TREASURER'S REPORT
            Showed a profit of $354.50 with a closing balance of $2895.16 
Read and Accepted LP/AM

            5. RATIFICATION OF OFFICE BEARERS FOR 2018                     

           (A) PRESIDENT: R Disney  (B) SECRETARY: S Dyett (C) TREASURER: M Taubman (D) CAPTAIN: B Parr (E) VICE CAPTAIN: T Walker

            6. SETTING OF FEES FOR 2018
            Retained at previous levels, Membership: $10 per person per annum $5 per player per night.

              7. GENERAL BUSINESS

            Proposed Robert Disney. Seconded Michelle Taubman that:

            The Annual General Meetings of the Newcastle Backgammon Club be moved to be held in conjunction with the Annual Presentation night at the end of the playing year.


Meeting Closed 7:40


2017 Extraordinary General Meeting
19/5/17 @ Charlestown Bowling Club @ 19.00


1) Possible affiliation of the Newcastle Backgammon Club with the Australian Backgammon Federation as proposed in the below letter from new ABF President, Eva Bitel:


The meeting was adjourned after discussion to allow the Australian Backgammon Federation to supply more information on what they expected from the NBC, especially as to any possible involvement of the ABF in the Newcastle Open.

The following email was forwarded on May 21st:

To: The Committee,
Australian Backgammon Federation
Re: Newcastle Backgammon Club affiliation.

The Newcastle Backgammon Club convened an Extraordinary General Meeting on Friday, May 19th to discuss the proposal put forward by the ABF regarding club affiliation.
The meeting was adjourned after some discussion so as the ABF can provide us with further information as to what exactly the NBC would be committing to especially in regard to the Newcastle Open Tournament.
The consensus of the meeting was that we would derive little benefit from what has been proposed so far for the $25 affiliation fee as:
a) The Newcastle Backgammon Club has had it's own website for many years and have promoted all clubs, tournaments and events without thought of a fee from anyone and
b) The Newcastle Backgammon Club would not be amenable to offering discounts for the Newcastle Open as it has always been a low cost tournament which we actually value add to with trophies and give NBC Members benefits (a highest placed award for top placed members up until last year replaced by an entry subsidy last year). We would also be loath to actually adding to non-ABF member player's fees for the tournament.

The EGM was adjourned until our next meeting (2/6/17) so as you can supply further information on what the ABF expects from the NBC.

Robert Disney

The ABF responded with the following email on May 25th:
Hi Rob, I think you know the idea of the Federation is to loosely unite all clubs and players in order to further the game. At present we offer a dedicated page on the ABF site to all affiliated clubs which will be solely controlled by said club.I know the Newcastle club has a website but the page on the ABF site will advise players from interstate and overseas about the existence of your club. I am aware that you have run very successful tourneys for many years and would in no way wish to influence. that. I reckon if you do join that for the time being there is not much else we can offer but some solidarity between clubs can only be good for the game , we should all work together.Hopefully the ABF will be able to provide support to clubs running tourneys if they need any help and perhaps we will be able to add to prize money.The ABF plans to hold the Australian Open in November and there will be discounted entry fees for members.We also would like input about questions such as entry fee for the Australian Open and any ideas that will further the game are most welcome. We wish to advertise all events of interest around Australia. We really need every one to be supportive. Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast have joined and ACT is about to do so also. Do you see any downside to joining ?  I hope this has answered some of your questions and that I have been persuasive enough for you to encourage your club members to join. Best Regards Eva

Extraordinary General Meeting of the Newcastle Backgammon Club resumed on Friday, June 2nd, 2017 at 19:00 at Charlestown Bowling Club.

The meeting decided that there was no benefit to be had by the NBC as we already have in place a web presence. Also, the reply received from the ABF when we requested further information was still only cursory and gave us no real indication of anything new the ABF would be able to do for the NBC.
Therefore, the resolution: "That the NBC declines to affiliate with the ABF at a cost of $25 annually, due to lack of information and clarity" was carried by a sizable majority.

The ABF was duly notified by email on 2/6/17 and responded with the following email on 6/6/17:

Dear Rob, I am obviously disappointed at the decision . I indicated in my letter that we could not offer much more than solidarity in the backgammon community at present. I could not see any downside to your club joining (apart from the $25) and again ask the question so that if there is a downside we need to address it. I believe John Hedge has indicated a few possible future offers to affiliated clubs. I addressed your club pointing out  that the ABF is seeking to promote backgammon within Australia and that we should be pulling together for the betterment of the game. Perhaps your club will reconsider some time in the future when we can offer more. . Kind regards Eva


2017 Newcastle Backgammon Club


Attending: R Disney, M Taubman, C Ianculescu, J Castles, L Pierpoint, A Marisescu, A Cathcart, G Macor, R Sebok

Apolgies: T. Walker, G, Hern, B Parr, M Dyett

Open 7:30 pm

1) Minutes of the 2016 AGM read and accepted
Proposed: A Cathcart  Seconded: J Castles. Passed

2) No Business from the 2016 AGM Report

3) President’s Report:

2016 saw the Newcastle Backgammon Club move to Charlestown Bowling Club which has proved to be a beneficial move in terms of comfort and ( with midnight closing and now 2 am closing) time available to complete a full round each night. All of the backgammon club’s activities (Newcastle Open, Presentation night and club nights) have been centralised at Charlestown.
NBC won the inaugural Club Trophy from the Persian Rose backgammon club and look forward to defending it in the future.
All up a good enough year for the NBC with a couple of new players trying out the Club, though a few more would be nice.
Once again, thanks to Michelle and Bruce for organisation and results duties when I was absent during the year.

Robert Disney
Newcastle Backgammon Club, 2016

Proposed: L Pierpoint Seconded: A Cathcart  Passed

4) Treasurer’s Report

2016 saw the change in venue and a small increase in members. No weekly door prize was paid this year. The club paid membership fees for the Charlestown BC for 15 members and a few members donated their memberships back to the club. We also received donations from one player who returned their weekly winnings back to the club.
Overall the club saw a profit of $281 for 2016.

Proposed: J Castles  Seconded: L Pierpoint   Passed

5) Election of Officers

President: Robert Disney
Secretary: Greg Hern
Treasurer: Michelle Taubman
Captain: Bruce Parr
Vice Captain: Tony Walker

All elected unopposed

6) Fees for 2017

All fees to remain unchanged: $10 per annum Club Membership, $5 per player per night playing fee.

Proposed: L Pierpoint  Seconded: A Marisescu  Passed

7) General Business


Meeting Closed 7:45 pm







Newcastle Backgammon Club 2016 AGM

The minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Newcastle Backgammon Club held on Friday, January 29th, 2016 at Charlestown Bowling Club, starting at 7:15 pm.

Meeting opened at 7:15
Attendance as per minutes
Apologies as per minutes


Minutes accepted and passed


Revised round robin scoring implemented

Accepted and passed

            3. PRESIDENT'S REPORT

2015 was an ok year, in comparison to the previous couple, for the Newcastle Backgammon Club.
22 people played at least 1 competition night with a core of 15 players for the majority of the year.

Bruce Parr’s effort for runner up in The Australian Open and Greg Mitchell’s win in the Persian Rose tournament late in the year were highlights along with Tony Walker’s 17th Newcastle Club Championship and Mick Dyett’s overseas exploits.

The Newcastle Open again drew a couple of new players but lost some of last year’s newbies. It was won by Tal Sade from Israel, who made the event part of his travels around Australia and New Zealand. I won’t mention his 3-3 suck out against Tony in the semi…oops…seems I just did!

Thanks go to Michelle Taubman and Bruce Parr for board and results duties for when I was absent during the year.

2016 sees a new venue for the club and hopefully some new faces. There has been a bit of interest from new players in the lead up to the 2016 season and I hope they enjoy the time they choose to spend with the Newcastle Backgammon Club whilst honing their games.
All the best to players, old and new in 2016 at Charlestown Bowling Club

Robert Disney
Newcastle Backgammon, 2015

President's Report accepted and passed

            4. TREASURER'S REPORT

Summary: The Treasurer's Report showed an opening balance of $2435.46 and a closing balance of $2259.66, a loss of $175.80.
Included in the loss was a $200 Newcastle Open Member's bonus which is normally $100 but jackpotted from the previous year when no local player made the top 8.

Treasurer's Report accepted and passed

            5. ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS FOR 2016                     

            R. DISNEY            G. HERN                M. TAUBMAN        B. PARR         T. WALKER

All elected unopposed

            6. SETTING OF FEES FOR 2016

Fees remain the same as previous year: $10 per annum Club Membership. $5 per player per competition night. $10 returned to the winner of each round robin on competition nights.
The Charlestown Bowling Club social membership fee of $7 will be paid for each FINANCIAL Backgammon club member when membership comes due in July.
The NBC door prize has been discontinued.

Accepted and passed

            7. GENERAL BUSINESS

No other business

Meeting Closed 7:50

2015 Newcastle Backgammon Club AGM

The minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Newcastle Backgammon Club held on Friday, January 16th, 2015 at the Alder Park Bowling Club, at 7:30 pm.

Meeting Opened: 7:45
Attendance as per minutes.
Apologies as per minutes

Minutes adopted and passed

a) New website obtained
b) Backgammon Club members whose Bowling Club fees were due paid for by the NBC for 3 years.

Accepted and passed.

Newcastle Backgammon had a very good year in 2014 with increased numbers coming along to the Open and members having National and International success.
Costea’s win in the Australian Open and Mick’s exploits in the Nordic and Japan Opens have been well documented throughout the year. They show the strength of the club in general which I hope can continue into the future. Congratulations again to them both.

The Newcastle Open was attended by a much larger entry than in recent years with quite a few new (to the tournament) players coming along. Thank you to those members who passed the word and encouraged these new players to come along. The only down side being no one from the Club made the Top 8 playoff. (The Newcastle Members bonus this year will jackpot to $200, to be shared, after not being able to be awarded).

The Club Championship was won for the first time by Brian Ramsey. Congratulations to him as well.

Club competition nights were not as consistent as previous years because of some players having extended holiday and tournament schedules but still averaged around 11 or 12.

Thanks go to Michelle Taubman, Greg Hern and Bruce Parr for their efforts with board keeping and supply of results for those nights I was absent during the year.

I wish the best of luck to all members in 2015.

Robert Disney
Newcastle Backgammon, 2014

Accepted and passed.

Summary: An overall loss of $89.10 with a liability of $100 being for Newcastle Open Member's Bonus which was not paid in 2014 due to no one from the club qualifying for the Last 8. Jackpots to 2015 Newcastle Open.
Included in the loss was $130 in Bowling Club fees which do not need to be paid again for another 2 years. Some members APBC fees will be paid for this year as their APBC membership had not elapsed (paid 3 years themselves).

Accepted and passed.

5. ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS FOR 2015                     


All elected unopposed

All Fees remain the same ($10 Club Membership, $5 per night playing fee). All prizes/Jackpot details remain the same ($10 per round robin winner, $10 initial door prize jackpotting $10 per week if not won.)

Accepted and passed.


Item 1 (edited)

Points should be the following
(1)Wins (2)Points For (3)Points Against (4)Head to Head

The reason points against should be included is because if a player is playing to win and loses and has less points against than another player, he/she should be able to get a place higher up than the one who had more points against him/her.

This should apply to all Tournaments in Newcastle

Proposed: Bruce Parr  Seconded: Brian Ramsey

Accepted and passed. These conditions will also apply to the Newcastle Open from 2015.

Item 2 (edited)

Top 8 2nd 8
Should be

1 v 4

2 v 3

Winners to go on and miss the next round

5 v  8

6 v 7

Winners to play the losers of 1, 2, 3 & 4

And the losers get eliminated.

Proposed: Brian Ramsey  Seconded Bruce Parr

Knockout draws remain as 1v8, 4v5, 2v7, 3v6.

Meeting Closed 8:20pm



2014 Newcastle Backgammon Club AGM


The result of the AGM held January 24th, 2014 is as follows:

Open 7:20pm
Attendance as per Minutes
Apologies as per Minutes

 Acceptance of the minutes. Passed


Championship Trophy upgraded to show Club Life Members

Newcastle Backgammon had another relatively good year in 2013.
Tony Walker picked up his 16th Club Championship and Mick Dyett retained the Newcastle Backgammon Open title.

The Open had a good roll up of 26 players.

Club competition nights were regularly around the 15 mark. 26 people played at least 1 night but of those 5 played less than 5 nights.

Thanks again go to Michelle Taubman, Greg Hern and Bruce Parr for their efforts with board keeping and supply of results for those nights I was absent during the year.

Good luck to all in 2014.

Robert Disney
Newcastle Backgammon Club, 2013

President's Report. Passed

The treasurer's report showed an overall profit for the year of $1223.12 due in large part to a one off $1000 donation. The bulk of the $223 was due to the change in the door prize payment (which has been upgraded...see General Business below).

Acceptance of Treasurer's Report: Passed

A letter to Alder Park Bowling Club Committee sent indicating the NBC desire to continue playing at Alder Park

6. ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS FOR 2014                     

  A) PRESIDENT  Robert Disney (Unopposed)                       B) SECRETARY Greg Hern (Unopposed)

            C) TREASURER  Michelle Taubman (Unopposed)               D) CAPTAIN Bruce Parr (Unopposed)              

            E) VICE CAPTAIN  Mick Dyett (Unopposed)
All fees and prize money levels of 2013 were retained: $10 Membership, $5 per night playing fee, $10 prize money per Round robin per night.

Fees: Passed


a) That the Newcastle Backgammon Club pay for fees associated with the establishment of a new web site.
Proposed: Robert Disney  Seconded: Greg Hern 27/12/13

Proposal: Passed

b) That the Newcastle Backgammon Club pay for member's Bowling Club fees for a period of 3 years.
Proposed: Robert Disney  Seconded: Greg Hern 27/12/13

To be paid from the next Bowling Club renewal period.

Proposal: Passed

c) The door prize payment was revised from last years $10 start and $5 per week jackpot when not won to $10 start and $10 per week jackpot when not won.

Proposal: Passed

Meeting closed 7:45 pm


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