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Friday February 23rd, 2018. Round 2, 2018 Club Championship
18:45 for 19:15
Charlestown Bowling Club, Lincoln St, Charlestown

2018 Round 1
Persian Rose Doubles Tournament
NZ Championship

2018 ROUND 1

The first round of the 2018 Newcastle Backgammon Club Championship was held on February 9th with 15 players.
Newcomer Cassie Crebert sits atop the ladder after following up a good social night with 3 out of 3 wins on opening night. The other round 1 winners were Tony Walker, Costea Ianculescu and Robert Disney.

The results of the AGM held February 2nd are on the  AGM page.

The 2018 Doubles Tournament at the Persian Rose Restaurant will be conducted this weekend. Details on the flyer below.


The 2018 New Zealand Backgammon Championship will be held at the Taksim Turkish Bar and Restaurant, 373 Manukau Road , Epsom, Auckland on April 7th and 8th. $25NZ entry fee. Swiss Tournament on the first day with a 16 player KO final on the second day. A Swiss Consolation will also be held on the second day for those who don't qualify for the main final.

For further details contact Anthony Marquette,



The 2017 Presentation night was held at Charlestown Bowling Club on Friday December 8th. A barefoot bowls session was followed by a BBQ dinner.

Mick Dyett and Brian Ramsey collected the majority of the spoils with Mick winning the 2017 Club Championship and the Willy Backes Memorial Top 8 Trophy and Brian winning both the Captain's and President's Trophies as well as runner up in the Club Championship. Gerhardt Macor took 3rd in the CC and Alan Cathcart and Costea Ianculescu won the Captain's and President's second divisions respectively.

Some photos of the night are available on the Presentation night page.


2017 Club Championship Final Result

Round 20 of the 2017 Club Championship was played on November 10th with 14 players in four groups at Charlestown Bowling Club.
Mick Dyett ran down long time leader Brian Ramsey to defend the Newcastle Club Championship by 1 point after the final round. With both players in the same part of the draw it was up to who could finish highest in the group as to who would win and Mick's win over Brian in the middle match of the round robin was enough to see him over the line.
Gerhardt Macor finished third by winning the top 4 clash and Adrian Marisescu placed fourth by winning his RR.

Winners of round 20 were Gerhardt Macor, Costea Ianculescu, Alan Cathcart and Adrian Marisescu
The tables page is here.

2017 President's Trophy Result

Brian Ramsey won his third President's Trophy in a row on November 24th by beating Robert Disney in the Final 9-2. Brian defeated Alan Cathcart and Adrian Marisescu in the first 2 rounds whilst Robert beat Bruce Parr and Mick Dyett.
Costea Ianculescu had to survive an extra round on his way to winning the President's second division, defeating Michelle Taubman 7-5 in the Final. Costea and Ian Dews had to play a round 1 match as only 5 players contended. Costea then beat Robert Sebok in the semi and Michelle outlasted Dave Bower 7-6.
The result grids for the President's Trophy divisions are below

A reminder that the Top 8 Trophy on December 1st. The draw grid is below. As noted above Presentation night is December 8th.


2017 PRESIDENT'S TROPHY FIRST 8   24/11/17    
1 MICK DYETT 7          
    MICK DYETT 5      
8 LES PIERPOINT 3          
        ROBERT DISNEY 2  
5 BRUCE PARR 2          
    ROBERT DISNEY 7      
4 ROBERT DISNEY 7          
        BRIAN RAMSEY    
6 ADRIAN MARISESCU 7          
        BRIAN RAMSEY 9  
7 ALAN CATHCART 0          
    BRIAN RAMSEY 7      
2 BRIAN RAMSEY 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS   9 POINTS    


2017 PRESIDENT'S TROPHY 2ND DIV.  24/11/17    
1 ROBERT SEBOK 1          
    ROBERT SEBOK 0      
8 BYE 0          
5 IAN DEWS 2          
    DAVID BOWER 6      
6 BYE 0          
7 BYE 0          
2 MICHELLE TAUBMAN 1          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS    7 POINTS    


2017 TOP 8 FINAL 1/12/17  
1 MICK DYETT          
          MICK DYETT  
5 TONY WALKER          
          MICK DYETT  
6 BRUCE PARR          
          BRUCE PARR  
7 ALAN CATHCART          
2 BRIAN RAMSEY          
  7  POINTS   9  POINTS   9 POINTS  

Players are reminded that should there be any dispute during the playing of a match to please ask for a ruling at the time. We have enough experienced players capable of giving a verdict on any problem that may arise during a match. Copies of the rules are always in the box for perusal at any time.

2017 Australian Open

Newcastle's Gerhardt Macor fell just short of winning the 2017 Australian Open held at the Persian Rose restaurant in Turramurra on the weekend of 11/12 November.
In what was a double elimination tournament (meaning players had to be defeated twice to be knocked out) Gerhardt won the winner's bracket meaning he only had to win once in the finals series to win the tournament. Sydney's Ian Dunstan won through to the final through the loser's bracket (being the only player to have lost only 1 match during the tournament) and went on to defeat Gerhardt in the last 2 matches.




Congratulations to Ben Phillips on winning the 2017 Newcastle Open from Robert Disney 9-8 on Sunday at Charlestown Bowling Club. Semi-Finalists were Mehmet Tuglu and Jan Spillekom. 25 final entries, from Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast, competed in 7 round robins to decide the make up of the field for the knock out Bracket with all round robin winners qualifying. The Final field makeup was drawn from the hat hence "position 2" being the bye.
Ben was down 3-8 but just kept surviving and hitting the "last chance" blots that were forced to be left to take out the title.
The Consolation Tournament, open to all those that didn't qualify for the main was won by Martin Sagradian from Sydney over Newcastle's Adrian Marisescu.
Thanks to all that attended especially those who travelled distance to come.
Special thanks to Charlestown Bowling Club and First Creek wines (via Bruce Parr) for their contributions to the day. Also to Michelle Taubman for her assistance on the day.

The Final grid is below:

1 STEPHEN DAVY            
    JAN SPILLEKOM        
8 JAN SPILLEKOM            
        ROBERT DISNEY 8  
5 JOHN SYMON            
    ROBERT DISNEY        
4 ROBERT DISNEY            
        BEN PHILLIPS    
    BEN PHILLIPS        
6 SIMON WOODHEAD            
        BEN PHILLIPS 9  
7 MEHMET TUGLU            
    MEHMET TUGLU        
2 BYE            
    7  POINTS      7   POINTS     9   POINTS    



2017 New Zealand Open

Mick Dyett has finished second in the New Zealand Open completed July 23rd, to local player Julie Hillis.
Pictures below courtesy of Sharne Roxby via Facebook.



For full details on the result of the Extraordinary General Meetings of the Newcastle Backgammon Club (19/5/17 adjourned to 2/6/17) please see the AGM page.

2017 AGM

The details of the Newcastle Backgammon Club AGM held on January 27th can be found via this link

2016 Presentation Night

The 2016 Club Presentation Night was held on December 2nd at Charlestown Bowling Club, the current "home" of the Newcastle Backgammon Club.
The night began with a number of members taking part in a few heads of barefoot bowls on the CBC's synthetic green. Most had not played bowls before and whilst styles varied from the "norm" a good time was had by all.
The dinner was held in a section of the Function room which was all too large for our modest group but greatly appreciated.
Winners were:
Club Champion: Mick Dyett
Runner Up: Tony Walker
Third: Brian Ramsey
Top 8 Trophy: Bruce Parr
President's Trophy: Brian Ramsey / Les Pierpoint
Captain's Trophy: Adrian Marisescu / Greg Hern
Thanks to Charlestown Bowling Club for hosting all our competition this year and to all members for their continued support of the Newcastle Backgammon Club.
To all players and members of the NBC Facebook pages, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2017 !

Club Championship Trophies

Collecting for Tony Walker, 2nd Club Championship, Michelle Taubman

Club Champion, Mick Dyett

3rd Club Championship, Brian Ramsey


Top 8 Trophy Winner, Bruce Parr


Top 8 Trophy Result

Bruce Parr won his second consecutive Top 8 Trophy by beating Brian Ramsey 9-0 in this year's Final on November 25th. The bracket is below.
Picture shows the start of the Final, Bruce Parr (left) vs Brian Ramsey. Photo courtesy of Michelle Taubman.

2016 Willy Backes Memorial Top 8    
1 MICK DYETT 7          
    MICK DYETT 3      
8 ALAN CATHCART 4          
        BRUCE PARR 9  
5 BRUCE PARR 7          
    BRUCE PARR 7      
4 ADRIAN MARISESCU 6          
        BRUCE PARR    
        BRIAN RAMSEY 0  
7 ROBERT SEBOK 3          
    BRIAN RAMSEY 7      
2 BRIAN RAMSEY 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS   9 POINTS    


President's Trophy Results

Brian Ramsey has won the 2016 President's Trophy defeating David Bower 7-6 in the Final on November 18th. The second division was won by Les Pierpoint, 7-5, over Adrian Marisescu. Final brackets are below

2016 President's Trophy Final    
1 TONY WALKER 3          
        BRIAN RAMSEY 7  
5 BRIAN RAMSEY 7          
    BRIAN RAMSEY 7      
4 ROBERT DISNEY 2          
        BRIAN RAMSEY    
    DAVID BOWER 7      
6 DAVID BOWER 7          
        DAVID BOWER 6  
7 ROBERT SEBOK 5          
    GERHARDT MACOR 2      
2 GERHARDT MACOR 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS   7 POINTS    


9 ALAN CATHCART            
    ALAN CATHCART 3      
16 BYE            
        LES PIERPOINT 7  
13 LES PIERPOINT 7          
    LES PIERPOINT 7      
12 BRUCE PARR 5          
        LES PIERPOINT    
14 BYE            
15 BYE            
10 MICHELLE TAUBMAN            
7 points   7 points   7 points    

The Top 8 Trophy

The results of the 2016 Willy Backes Memorial Top 8 Trophy Final are below.

2016 Willy Backes Memorial Top 8    
1 MICK DYETT 7          
    MICK DYETT 3      
8 ALAN CATHCART 4          
        BRUCE P 9  
5 BRUCE PARR 7          
    BRUCE PARR 7      
4 ADRIAN MARISESCU 6          
        BRUCE PARR    
        BRIAN RAMSEY 0  
7 ROBERT SEBOK 3          
    BRIAN RAMSEY 7      
2 BRIAN RAMSEY 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS   9 POINTS    

2016 Australian Open

Grant Hoffman of New Zealand has won his second consecutive Australian Open defeating Newcastle's Gerhardt Macor 15-9 in the Final on November 13th. It is also the second year in a row that Grant has defeated a Newcastle player for the title after beating Bruce Parr for the 2015 title. The semi-finalists were Darren O'Shaughnessy and Richard Crawley-Boevey.
Adrian Marisescu took out the Jackpot tournament. Congratulations to all concerned.


Be advised that Wednesday night backgammon in Sydney has moved to the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel, 2 Bourke St, Woolloomooloo as of September 27th. Contact John Hedge ( ) for further details.


Simon Woodhead of the Gold Coast is the 2016 Newcastle Open winner which was held in the Lincoln Room at Charlestown Bowling Club on Sunday, September 18th. 

Photos and report on the Open Details page.


Club Challenge Report

The Newcastle Backgammon Club team took out the 2016 Club Challenge from the Persian Rose Club team at the Shelly Beach Surf Club on August 28th.
The two teams of six players were drawn from the hat into groups of 3 with the NBC "Team A" playing individual matches against the PRBC "Team A" and the "Team B" players doing likewise.
At the lunch break 7 matches had been completed with the PRBC holding a 4-3 margin. Lunch in the Surf Club restaurant was considered by all to be value for money and can be recommended.
Back in the playing room and the evenness of the competition continued. The team A side of the draw completed their matches first and with the last 3 matches of the B side all in play the PRBC led 8-7 with a score advantage in 2 of the matches. Michelle Taubman and Mick Dyett both came from behind to kick Newcastle 9-8 up leaving it to Gerhardt Macor to complete the victory and be the only player of the 12 to win all 3 of his matches on the day.
With thank to John Hedge for his part in organization of the day and the Shelly Beach Surf Club for their hosting of the event.
The full teams were: NBC- Mick Dyett (C), Michelle Taubman , Robert Disney , Tony Walker , Gerhardt Macor and Costea Ianculescu.
PRBC- John Hedge (C) , John Symon, Martin Sagradian , Mark Catusanu, Michael Mills, and Ian Dunstan.

Shelly Beach, NSW Central Coast

Team Newcastle

Playing room


The two teams (Costea absent)



The 2016 Captain's Trophy flights were played on June 17th, 13 players attended.

The Top flight was taken out by Adrian Marisescu over Robert Disney, 7/3. Adrian defeated Tony Walker and Brian Ramsey on his way to the Final.
Greg Hern outlasted Michelle Taubman 7/6 in the Second flight.
The grids for both divisions are below.

2016 Captain's Trophy Top Flight      
1 MICK DYETT 7          
    MICK DYETT 1      
8 ROBERT SEBOK 2          
        ROBERT DISNEY 3  
5 BRUCE PARR 1          
    ROBERT DISNEY 7      
4 ROBERT DISNEY 7          
6 ADRIAN MARISESCU 7          
7 GREG MITCHELL 0          
    BRIAN RAMSEY 4      
2 BRIAN RAMSEY 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS   7 POINTS    


2016 Captain's Trophy 2nd Flight    
1 LES PIERPOINT 7          
    LES PIERPOINT 2      
8 BYE 0          
5 JULIE CASTLES 4          
4 MICHELLE TAUBMAN 7          
        GREG HERN    
3 GREG HERN 7     WINNER    
    GREG HERN 7      
6 BYE 0          
        GREG HERN 7  
7 BYE 0          
    RICK GRAHAM 5      
2 RICK GRAHAM 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS    7 POINTS    

Mick Dyett is the 2016 NSW Open winner, defeating Arthur Ramer 17-10 in Sunday's final at the Persian Rose restaurant, Turramurra.
Newcastle was assured of a finalist as Tony Walker and Mick played in the semi final. Arthur beat Shadi Athari to reach the final. Photos below, the presentations being made by Persian Rose proprietor Taeed Athari. Photos courtesy of Sharne Roxby via Facebook.

The 2016 NSW Open Final, Arthur vs Mick

2016 Champion, Mick Dyett

Arthur Ramer, Runner up

Semi Finalists, Shadi and Tony

Long time Newcastle Open attendee Alex Ivanovski defeated Zvi Bendavid in the final of the Persian Rose Easter Tournament. Three Newcastle players, Mick Dyett, Greg Mitchell and Gerhardt Macor made the last 8 but all were defeated in the first round of the finals.
Congratulations Alex!

Newcastle Backgammon Club membership is $10 per year and competition fees are $5 per night. The winner of each round robin (groups of 3 or 4, depending on the number of players) receives $10.

The Newcastle Backgammon Club AGM was held at Charlestown Bowling Club on January 26th, 2016. The meeting is summarised on the AGM page.

After some 6 or 7 years at Alder Park Bowling Club, Newcastle Backgammon Club is moving in 2016 to Charlestown Bowling Club, 5 Lincoln Street, Charlestown, from January 15th. Charlestown BC features underground parking, late night closing and modern amenities.

The entrance to the CBC car park is off Ferris Street but MUST be approached from the Club side of Ferris Street. If you approach from the football oval side you have to drive around the block to get to the other side. If you come straight through Charlestown on the highway, turn at the lights at the end of the football oval onto Lincoln Street and bear right onto Ferris towards Charlestown Square. If approaching from the back of Charlestown Square, which is Canberra St but turns into Patricia Avenue at the back of the Bowling Club, turn off Patricia onto Lincoln at the roundabout, go past the CBC main entrance and turn left onto Ferris towards Charlestown Square. The parking lot entrance is about 30m from the turn.

John Hedge advises that the Persian Rose group that was meeting last year has now developed into the Persian Rose Backgammon Club with the following details:
We meet every Tuesday evening at The Persian Rose Restaurant 13/1380-1388 Pacific Hwy, Turramurra NSW 2074. 6pm for a 6:30pm start.
Anyone who knows they'll be there but are running slightly late can send me a text (+61 415 987 388) to be entered into the draw.
We run groups of 4 and/or 3 round robins of 5 point matches. Winners go through to a KO.
Club membership is $30 p.a. and evening entry of $5.
There is a weekly Jackpot of $10 which is won by a player drawn at the beginning of the evening winning the KO. The balance of the entry is paid out 66/33% winner, RU of the KO.
Jackpot not won by year's end will be added to the club championship purse which will pay on a 50%, 25%, 15%, 10% basis to the winner, RU, 3rd and 4th.
Visitors are welcome. ($5 entry only)
All money is returned as trophies and prizes.

Tony Walker has won his 17th Newcastle Backgammon Club Championship by 5 points after the last round of competition. Runner up was the defending Champion, Brian Ramsey, whilst Alan Cathcart won the draw for 3rd spot. The final tables are posted here

The Presentation Night was held on Friday, December 4th, 2015 at Alder Park Bowling Club. Photos of the night via this link .

The Persian Rose Christmas Tournament on Sunday, November 29, 2015 was won by Newcastle's Greg Mitchell. Congratulations Greg!

The 2015 Newcastle Open Backgammon Tournament was played on Sunday, September 20th at Club Kotara , Howell St, Kotara. 
Full details are on the Open Details page.
The Sydney Live Backgammon League kicked off on April 1st, 2015
Details for ongoing rounds are available at the website . Contact John Hedge for any involvement at

All players are reminded that being available by 7:15, so the draw can be organised, is appreciated. Those who know they will be late should contact BRUCE PARR on 0410892496.
It is also asked that players move on in a timely manner from match to match, without any undue delay.

The club held it's 2016 AGM on January 26th followed by a Round robin tournament. The results of the AGM are on this page .

For many years the club has issued a newsletter called The Blotter on an "as needed" basis. With the advent of the website, a natural progression for issuing information is the development of this page.
All the latest information regarding club activities, including finals, tournaments, visits etc will be posted here on a fortnightly basis.
Club members are welcome to submit items of interest (both related and non-related to Backgammon) so as there is always something new to view! Other club Tournament organizers may also submit information which may be of interest to our members.



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