Newcastle Backgammon Club

Edition Date 02/12/2021 16:19
Next Meetings:
Top 8 Trophy, Tuesday, 7/12/21
Presentation & AGM 14/12/21

First two meetings of 2022,
Tuesday, January 11th and 18th. Social play
Club Charlestown, 5 Lincoln St, Charlestown
18:45 for 19:00

Greg Mitchell 2021 Club Champion
Starting Dates 2022
Mitchell's President's Trophy
Top 8 Draw

For those NOT coming 7/12/21 to the Top 8 night, can you please let me know if you are coming to the Presentation/AGM night on December 14th. The club covers the cost of the meal only for Committee and Backgammon Club members who have played. Guests are welcome but will have to pay their own way. I have booked for 20 but will need to let them know if there are any more next Tuesday. The meal will be whatever you want to order off the menu (within reason) as per the last couple of years.

2022 will begin on Tuesdays January 11 and 18 for Social nights. Anyone who hasn't been to NBC before should take advantage of these 2 nights to get some orientation on the use of the cube and rules in a casual competition setting.
The first competition night, all things being equal will be Tuesday February 1st, 2022 all at Club Charlestown. The tentative list for the remainder of the year is on the Dates Page


Round 15 Results

Congratulations to Greg Mitchell on winning his second Newcastle Backgammon Club Championship by taking out the 2021 edition. Greg's other win was back in 2007, so another long drought is broken. Greg and Tony Walker went into the final round with a point between them but Tony lost all 3 matches to miss overtaking Greg. The results also allowed defending champion Mick Dyett to jump over Tony into second spot, 2 points behind Greg but a point in front of Tony.

The 2021 competition was again curtailed by Corona restrictions but not as badly as last year. We were able to get 15 rounds in to complete a competition against only being able to play 3 in an abandoned 2020 competition.

Winners of Round 15 were Robert Disney, Mick Dyett, Cassie Crebert and Adrian Marisescu.

The President's Trophy (Top 16 of the second half of the year) will be 30/11/21 and the Top 8 Trophy (Top 8 of the year) is 7/12/21. The Presentation / AGM will take place on 14/12/21. 1845 for 1900 start.
The President's Trophy and Top 8 Draws are below.

Of course, all covid safe conditions of Club Charlestown are to be met by players in regards to masks, vaccination certificates and anything else that is in vogue legal wise at the relative time.

President's Trophy Results

Congratulations to Greg Mitchell on winning the 2021 President's Trophy, not giving Mick Dyett a look in, 9-1. Also to Adrian Marisescu who defeated Costea Ianculescu 7-4 in the President's Second 8 which actually had 8 players in it for the first time in a while.
A reminder that next week is the Top 8 Trophy (field below). If anyone listed cannot make it please let me know ASAP so reserves can be informed.

2021 TOP 8 TROPHY  
1 GREG MITCHELL            
8 LES PIERPOINT            
5 DAVID BOWER            
4 BRIAN RAMSEY            
6 GERHARDT MACOR            
7 ROBERT DISNEY            
2 MICK DYETT            
7  POINTS   9  POINTS   9 POINTS    

Reserves (in order) Michelle Taubman, Alan Cathcart

1 TONY WALKER 7          
    TONY WALKER 4      
8 ALAN CATHCART 2          
        MICK DYETT 1  
5 MICK DYETT 7          
    MICK DYETT 7      
4 BRIAN RAMSEY 2          
        GREG MITCHELL    
    GREG MITCHELL 7      
6 CASSIE CREBERT 5          
        GREG MITCHELL 9  
7 DAVID BOWER 3          
    ROBERT DISNEY 5      
2 ROBERT DISNEY 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS   9 POINTS    


9 LES PIERPOINT 7          
    LES PIERPOINT 2      
16 KATE SMITH 0          
13 ADRIAN MARISESCU 7          
12 JULIE CASTLES 4          
    ROBERT SEBOK 0      
14 ROBERT SEBOK 7          
15 COSTEA IANCULESCU 7          
10 GERHARDT MACOR 1          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS    7 POINTS    

2021 Australian Open

In a third change of date due to border restrictions, the 2021 Australian Open, Masters and Speedgammon Championships will be held at the Diggers and Sports Club, Level 1, 9 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise from the 4-6 February 2022.
Full details at .
Please pre register via


Newy Result

The 2021 Newy Open has been completed with a Newcastle victory by Mick Dyett over Mehmet Tuglu 21-9 on Saturday 9/10/21.

The full grid is available on the Open page

Meeting Day and Venue Transition

Newcastle Backgammon Club changed meeting day and venue on TUESDAY, July 27th, 2021.
We resumed play back at Club Charlestown on TUESDAY nights at a slightly earlier time of 6:45 for 7:00 pm start.  The new dates are available on the Dates page . Note that there is a one week break between meetings on the 10th and 17th of August to allow for those going to the Australian Open the following weekend. We'll then follow a fortnightly agenda until the President's Final/Top 8/ Presentation triple between 23/11/21 and 7/12/21
Important things to note and changes:
- Masks will need to be worn at both venues and eating/drinking regulations of Club Charlestown will need to be adhered to.
- We have 2 members who are locked down on the Central Coast, Tony and Ken. We are going to endeavour to have them play via the Backgammon Galaxy website. Assistance will be provided to those who haven't had experience with online play when the draw dictates that they need to play on the computer.
 It will be appreciated if any player who can't make the 6:45 time let's me know beforehand so they can be included in the draw.

Newcastle Backgammon Club would like to acknowledge and thank the Principal and Staff of Shortland Public School for allowing us to play at the Schools Library for the first half of our yearly competition.


2021 Captain's Trophy

The 2021 Captain's Trophy was conducted on June 25th with 14 players, 8 in the Trophy and 6 in the 2nd Division.
Brian Ramsey survived a comeback from Dave Bower to win the Final 7/6 after leading 5/1and Adrian Marisescu defeated Alan Cathcart 7/3 in the Captain's 2nd division. Special note to Les Pierpoint with a strong come from behind victory over Club Champion Mick Dyett in the first round.
The grids are below:

2021 Captain's Trophy Final  
1 MICK DYETT 6          
    LES PIERPOINT 2      
8 LES PIERPOINT 7          
        BRIAN RAMSEY 7  
5 BRIAN RAMSEY 7          
    BRIAN RAMSEY 7      
4 GERHARDT MACOR 2          
        BRIAN RAMSEY    
    DAVID BOWER 7      
6 TONY WALKER 5          
        DAVID BOWER 6  
7 ROBERT DISNEY 7          
    ROBERT DISNEY 4      
2 GREG MITCHELL 5          
    7  POINTS       7  POINTS     7   POINTS    


2021 Captain's Trophy 2nd Division  
1 MICHELLE TAUBMAN 7          
8 BYE 0          
5 JULIE CASTLES 1          
4 ADRIAN MARISESCU 7          
    KEN VAUGHAN 0      
6 CASSIE CREBERT 4          
        ALAN CATHCART 3  
7 BYE 0          
    ALAN CATHCART 7      
2 ALAN CATHCART 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS    7 POINTS    


NBC Online Club Championship

We had 6 entries for the NBC Online Club Championship to fill a spot in the Newcastle Club Champion of Champions against NEBA at a time to be determined but most likely after the clocks go back in April.
The Tournament was a round robin of 13 point matches with the top 2 playing a 15 point Final.
Winners decided on WINS, POINTS FOR, POINTS AGAINST and HEAD TO HEAD. This is the same as club nights.
Matches to be played on the Galaxy site unless otherwise agreed. Both players to report the result.

Congratulations to Mick Dyett on winning the Final 15/4 to complete a clean sweep of the Championship.
The result grid is available on the Tables page


2021 Inter Club Challenge

Newcastle Backgammon Club along with Backgammon ACT, Melbourne Backgammon Club, the Backgammon Association of South Australia, Sydney Backgammoners and the Victorian Backgammon Association of Victoria are currently taking part in the 2021 Inter Club Challenge on line.

Six players from each club are playing a modified Swiss style tournament organised by Gary Stavrou of the Sydney Backgammoners.
Each round is of 11 points per match. Results will be posted as they come to hand each week.

Newcastle lead the interclub challenge by a point from the Sydney Backgammoners after round 1. The Backgammon Association of South Australia was in 3rd followed by the Victorian Backgammon Association, Backgammon ACT and the Melbourne Backgammon Club.

After round 2, The Backgammon Association of SA had skipped away to a clear lead on 1056 to Newcastle's 713 followed closely on 710 by the Victorian Backgammon Association.

Round 3 saw things tighten up a little with The Backgammon Association of SA's lead cut to 119 by the Victorian Backgammon Association with Newcastle only another 3 points back in 3rd.

After 4, SA and Victoria were all square on 1319, 3 points ahead of Newcastle (1316), Sydney 1204, Melbourne 1164 and ACT way back on 878.

Round 5 and the competition was turned on it's head. Sydney had an enormous round and leapt to 1840 points, 337 ahead of Victoria (1503) Newcastle was still third on 1502 and Melbourne 4th (1470). The big drop was by South Australia which fell to fifth on 1408 and ACT remained at the tail with 1277pts.

The Final round saw Sydney retain it's lead and become the 2021 Inter Club Champions with Newcastle second and Melbourne finishing over Victoria into third. The Final points are below. Congratulations to the Sydney Backgammoners.

Scoring was 100 for a win PLUS the Margin of Winner's Score - Loser's Score. Losing player scores minus the difference in the scores eg: a 13-10 result scores 103 for the winner and -3 for the loser



2021 Season

Newcastle Backgammon Club will resume playing live this year.
Please find the dates for this year's Club Championship nights here . (All subject to change, Government restrictions permitting).

After Friday night's trial night, we will be meeting, for the time being, at Shortland Public School library, Sandgate Rd Shortland.
Hand sanitizer and wipes are available.
For those that attended on Friday night, there is a boom gate that wasn't working the other night that will be coming into operation soon. You will need to contact Sharne Dyett to get it raised if it is down. Contact NBC via email if you are a prospective member for details.

The Club Championship first round was Friday night, February 5th. Meetings will be mostly fortnightly but please be aware there are a couple of changes to that format to work around Easter.

The Newcastle Open is included in the dates but a live tournament will probably be dependent on Club Charlestown being available for facilities and space.

There will be a Champion of Champions qualifier for a player to play against the NEBA club of Newcastle Upon Tyne when it is arranged. The competition is a knockout of only 4 players so will only take 2 weeks.There is a representative from the Newy Open played last year (Tom Chysostomou from Canberra) but as there was no 2020 Club Champion an online Tournament for CLUB MEMBERS ONLY is required. Nominations are now open. Draw to be done Feb 12th, format depends on number of players.

Nominations are also open to play in the Novocastrian Challenge between NBC and NEBA.  Depending on numbers, this competition will run between 4 and 8 weeks on a round robin basis with all playing all. This is an open nomination and there is no qualifying other than being an NBC member.

Dates for the Novocastrian and C of C to be advised.

2020 AGM

The report for the 2020 Newcastle Backgammon Club AGM is now available on the AGM page.

There has been a change on the committee with Tony Walker appointed Captain and Cassie Crebert taking up the Vice Captain duties. We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of Bruce Parr on the committee for the last number of years in the capacity of Captain and Vice Captain.

Live play at Club Charlestown is still restricted by Covid-19 protocols but an alternate venue is being explored and will be notified when and if play is possible.

Queensland Open Results 6-8 November 2020

From Simon Woodhead via Facebook:

Congratulations to Morteza Ghanei, winner of the Queensland Open from Adrian Pitt. Tipsy Pig stars Craig Duffy and Rhys Osborne were the semi finalists. A terrific performance by Morteza to best a field of 32 in his first major tournament.
The 2020 Australian Speedgammon champion is Steve Roberts who somehow managed to turn the DMP final game against Simon Woodhead. Which was ok actually, because sometimes the dice gods do play nice with the dice...
The Queensland Masters title was taken from 2019 champ
Michelle Taubman by Simon Woodhead who could do no wrong against Craig Duffy, who, like Morteza was playing in his first major tournament final.
Another first time winner was Chris Muir, winner of the Sunday Tournament from Sasha Senica.
Thanks to all who came, and all who helped, especially Barbara Salomon and Sharne Dyett for running the desk so efficiently, the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club for accommodating us and a special mention for the Newcastle contingent who braved the border crossing only to return home empty handed! How often does that happen?
A clean sweep for the Tipsy Pig club here on the Gold Coast. Nice   Pics to come.

The "Newy" Open Tournament

Congrats to Tom Chrysostomou (ACT) on winning the final of The Newy from the Fighter's bracket 9-8, 9-7 over Robert Disney (Newcastle).

Thank you again to everyone who joined and played and good luck to all in your next events.

Tom now wins the kudos of having his name on the Newcastle Hall of Fame list and the opportunity, should he want it, of playing in the Newcastle Champion of Champions next year, if it can be held, against players from NEBA in the UK

 The full results are now available via this link to the Open Details Page .

Latest News

Update 29/9: Mick Dyett has won a tense and back and forth Final of the Eva Bitel Tournament. defeating Simon Ustick of Melbourne 17/14 today.
Mick picked up the winner's check as well as the bonus pool with the win continuing on his streak in online tournaments this year. Congratulations Mick

More 28/9: The Final of the Eva Bitel will be played on Backgammon Galaxy on Tuesday 29/9 @ 1730. Userids are beekind2me and Ueyustick

Update 28/9: Mick Dyett has made it to the Final of the Eva Bitel Tournament with a come from behind 15-11 win over Breck McCormack in today's Semi. In a marathon 2.5 hour match, Breck was up 10-5 and 11-8 before Mick got on his bike rattling off the last 7 points.
Mick plays Simon Ustick of Melbourne, the winner of the other Semi over
Martin Pikler from Canberra 15-13.

Update 24/9 @ 1045 EBT: Gin Jones' run of 7 straight wins in the competition ended with a 15-5 loss to Martin Pikler in the Quarter Final knockout match. Mick Dyett defeated Tim Hochgrebe and then Syd Moore to reach the SemiFinal at a time yet to be decided.

Update 21/9/20 @ 20.45: Eva Bitel Tournament : Mick Dyett plays Tim Hochgrebe to 13 points in a round of 16 match on GridGammon at 1700 AEST Tuesday 22/9/20. Gin Jones plays Martin Pikler to 15 in a quarter final TBA. Final Grid can be found at

The Eva Bitel Tournament is approaching the knockout stage with the majority of the round robin matches, 8 groups of 8, having been played.
Five Newcastle players entered with 2 going on to the knockout phase.
Gin Jones is one of only 2 players (Syd Moore the other) to win all 7 matches in their group. Mick Dyett is the other to qualify whilst Michelle Taubman, Tony Walker and Robert Disney missed out.

Qualifiers are as follows. The criteria to qualify was 1st and second in the group as well as any player that won more than 5 matches thus a 4 player and possible 3 player group going on. The knock out grid is to

G1 Syd Moore, Kevin Jessup

G2 Taeed Athari and Mick Dyett

G3 Simon Ustick and Ian Dunstan

G4 Breck McCormack, Cynthia Belonogoff, Stephen Davy and David Kinston

G5 Tim Hochgrebe locked but other to be determined as incomplete

G6 Gin Jones and Hossein Haydari

G7 Martin Pikler and Shane McNally

G8 Steve Quinn and Tim Chambers locked with Michael Myska needing to win

out (2 matches) to qualify.

 If Gin and Mick post on to me game times and site info I'll pass them on for those who'd like to watch.

Remember, to view a match via a link on Galaxy:
1) log on to your Galaxy account bringing up the match list page

2) click on the link in the email and the match SHOULD open in another window (depending on how your browser is set up).

Accounts on Galaxy are free to set up and are played in a normal browser window

To view matches on Gamesgrid you need a Gamesgrid account.


2020 Club Championship now Abandoned

Further to the below, as of 10/8/20 all Newcastle Backgammon Club live activities have been abandoned for 2020 including the Club Championship, the 2020 Newcastle Open (scheduled for September 13) and the Presentation/AGM scheduled for December 4. Any future activity for the club will be dependent on issues concerning Covid-19 and the ability of players to be able to play in a safer environment than can be assured at this time.

A recent announcement posted on Facebook by Sonia Hornery as to community sport resuming on July 1st prompted Tony Walker to ask if that meant backgammon would be resuming.
Following is the chat stream from that question for those not on Facebook.

Michelle Taubman: How many are allowed in clubs now
Robert Disney: I think it's 50 per area

Robert Disney: There will have to be some sort of discussion amongst the group on that. As far as the Club Championship is concerned, I think we've now probably lost too many rounds for a viable competition as well as it being unfair to those who will not be able/willing to come along in the early meetings back. Any play will be social which could be good if there is anyone that has joined the public group or page on here that wants to come along, there will be no competition pressure. There are also issues we have no real control over as in the availablity of space at the Club. Distancing over the board (which I think has got to be less than the 1.5m even over the large boards), shared pieces/equipment and cleansing of such if required will need to be the responsibility of individual players to assess their own risk. I'll go up to the Club tomorrow to see how they are set up and what we may be able to do.

Tony Walker: yep... it was a starter for discussion... there are lots of valid points there and its probably not the safest thing to do until we get things in better shape

Robert Disney: With the 1.5m rule in force it is impractical to play face to face at the club. The tables are about 80cm squares which means you still have to sit back from the edge about 40cm each side. I had someone sit opposite me and you would have to be shifting the chairs in and out to make a play and to reach the other side of the board to play back men. The cleaning of pieces has the concern of whatever is in the sanitizer possibly affecting the playing surface of boards (I'm not a chemist so don't know but always a chance of happening). So, as we don't want to run foul of our hosts (free room is greatly appreciated) we're still in limbo.

The Newcastle Champion of Champions  

The NBC and NEBA  have organised a Newcastle Champion of Champions event pitting the winners of the respective Newcastle Opens and the Club/League Champions of 2019 in a knockout competition.
2019 Open winner, Robert Disney, plays Alastair Woods of Scotland (diz vs aliwoods) on Friday June 5th on GamesGrid at 1900AEST/1000UK.
Mick Dyett, 2019 Newcastle Club Champion will play a rematch from the Novocastrian Challenge against Tim Cross on Tuesday June 9th, 1930AEST/1030UK on GridGammon (beekind2me vs timcrazy)

It's an Aus vs UK Final after Alastair Woods defeated Robert Disney 13-9 in the Open winners section and Mick Dyett won 13-3 over the newly crowned Los Angeles Online Open winner, Tim Cross, in the Club Champion/League Winners heat.

The Final of the Newcastle Champion of Champions between Mick Dyett and Alastair Woods culminated with a 53 move marathon game at 11-11 on a 2 point cube. The reason for so many moves was that at one stage Alastair had 11 men back in a backgame. Mick eventually managed to get by the assembled masses to become the inaugural Newcastle Champion of Champions 13-11. Congratulations to both on a great match.

2020 Novocastrian Challenge

The 2020 Novocastrian Challenge has been completed!
Newcastle Backgammon Club players recently did battle with players from the North East Backgammon Association (NEBA) based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

On team NBC were Robert Disney, Mick Dyett, Michelle Taubman and Tony Walker.
Team NEBA was made up of Martin Barkwill, Pol Lapidakis, Gary Bratton and Tim Cross.

All the results are on the 2020 Novocastrian Challenge page or on FaceBook through

Congratulations to NEBA on their victory 10 matches to 6 over NBC


2020 Australia-New Zealand Challenge

The 2020 Australia-New Zealand Challenge (organised by the Australian Backgammon Federation and Backgammon NZ)  has pitted 32 Australian and 32 New Zealand players in 16 round robin qualifiers. Four players from Newcastle, the Novocastrian Challenge players, Mick, Michelle, Tony and Robert played on the Australian side with Robert Disney going through to the 16 player knockout.

Robert Disney has managed to wriggle through to the last 4 which means 2 more matches to complete the Tournament.
Hossein Haydari (SA) is already through to the Final with a win over Steve Clarry.
RD plays Grant Hoffman (NZ) for the second place in the Final Tomorrow (Sunday 31/5) at 1000 local time on Backgammon Galaxy. Links will be available via the NBC Facebook pages and email just after the start of the match.
The winner will play Hossein in the Final whilst the loser will play Steve in the 3rd/4th playoff.

31/5/2020 Robert Disney has won the 2020 Australia-New Zealand Challenge defeating Grant Hoffman in the semi and Hossein Haydari in the Final. The last 16 grid is below.


2020 Club Championship Round 3

Round 3 of the 2020 Newcastle Backgammon Club Championship was held on March 6th with 17 players. It was a welcome back to Kyle Rhoades  and Gheorghe Baleanu for their first meetings of the year. This brings the total number of players for the year so far to 22. It will be an interesting night if all are able to attend on the one night.

Kate Smith won her first round robin and the resultant $10 winnings came as an unexpected bonus

Winners on the night were Cassie Crebert, Kate Smith, Tony Walker, Adrian Marisescu and Greg Mitchell.

New Upcoming Tournaments

Preliminary details added for the 2020 Australian Open, Masters and Speedgammon, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, November 6-8, 2020 on the Upcoming Tournaments page



Huge Congratulations to Newcastle stalwart Greg Mitchell on taking out the 2019 Australian Open on the weekend on November 23 and 24.
Mick Dyett's report on the Australian Open and Masters is below.


2019 Presentation and Annual General Meeting Night Report

The 2019 Presentation Night and Annual General Meeting took place at Charlestown Bowling Club on Friday night December 6th.
There were a couple of new initiatives adopted by the club.
Firstly, Club Membership fees have changed to the following: $10 General Membership, $5 Concession Membership and $5 Junior Membership. Club Charlestown memberships will still be paid for by the Backgammon Club for all current financial members.
Life Members of the Backgammon Club will have their Club Charlestown Memberships paid for by the Backgammon Club.

From General Business: a) A member may get 2 points credit on the Club Championship Table if they are unable to attend but pay the $5 per night playing fee either before the date of the missed meeting(s) or the at the meeting directly after the missed week(s). This is a rule that was in vogue a number of years ago but was discontinued.

b) In order to play in the Captain's and President's Finals, a member must have played at least 1 week in the 10 week qualifying cycle.

See the AGM page for the minutes of the 2019 AGM


Australian Open and Masters Report

The 2019 Australian Backgammon Championships and Master’s was played over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th November. 34 players competed for the National Championship. There were players from New Zealand, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Newcastle and of course Sydney. The venue for the tournament was The Persian Rose Restaurant in Turramurra.

The format for the Open was Round Robin with the top two players from each group advancing to a 16-player knockout.

As is normally the case before such a big tournament there was much excitement in the room as players anticipated winning Australia’s most coveted Backgammon Competition and becoming the 2019 Australian Champion.

The Games began at 10 am. By mid-afternoon the Round Robin brawling had stopped and there were 16 players left standing. The rest were …well…defeated. It was time for the knockout, sudden death where insanity can be just one roll away, (this game is not for the faint hearted). After two rounds and 12 deaths we had four survivors. These Gladiators were Greg Mitchell from Newcastle, Habib Shalala from Sydney, Martin Sagradian also from Sydney and Pat Halpin from the Central Coast. Greg overpowered Habib while Martin outmuscled Pat. The scene was set for a blockbuster match between two very fine players. They certainly did not disappoint the crowds as they fought a long and very exciting match, their experience was evident in their play. The match was very tight with Greg Mitchell coming out the victor. Congratulations Greg, you are the 2019 Aussie Champion and congratulations to Runner Up Martin for putting up a hell of a fight.

Next up was the Master’s with 11 players competing. The format was knockout with five byes in the first round. After two rounds we got to the Semi-finals. The match-ups were Zvi Bendavid against Habib Shalala and Ian Dunstan playing Ron Shaked. Both these matches were very close with Habib defeating Zvi while Ian took care of Ron. Both Habib and Ian are very seasoned players. The match reached 6 away 6 away when Habib found a backgammon on a two cube to finish Ian off. A big congrats to the Masters Champion Habib and to runner up Ian.

There are some people that deserve a big thank you for making the weekend a huge success. In no particular order, a big thanks to Taeed Athari who has made The Persian Rose Restaurant home to the Australian Open and New South Wales Open for many years without cost. Thank you also goes to Zvi Bendavid who has donated all trophies for both these tournaments for years as well. The kind generosity from both these wonderful men has enabled me to return all entry fees as prize money. And last but not least I thank my wife Sharne Dyett for her selfless engagement in running these tournaments while I play. If not for her I would be unable to lose as often as I do. (thanks honey).

All in all, everyone I spoke to had a ball and look forward to next year.

Mick Dyett.

2019 Top 8 Result

Brian Ramsey has won his second Top 8 Trophy in a row, defeating Dave Bower 9-1 in the Final on November 29. Following is the grid (incomplete score wise as I had to leave early)

2019 TOP 8 TROPHY  
1 GERHARDT MACOR 7        
        BRIAN RAMSEY 9
5 TONY WALKER 3        
    BRIAN RAMSEY 7    
4 BRIAN RAMSEY 7        
        BRIAN RAMSEY  
6 GREG MITCHELL 7        
        DAVE BOWER 1
7 ROBERT DISNEY 6        
    DAVE BOWER 7    
2 DAVE BOWER 7        



2019 President's Trophy Results

Mick Dyett continued on his merry way in 2019 by taking out last week's President Trophy Final. Mick defeated Tony Walker 7/5.
The second division was taken out by emergency starter Costea Ianculescu over Les Pierpoint. The grids are below.

1 GERHARDT MACOR 4        
    TONY WALKER 7    
8 TONY WALKER 7        
        TONY WALKER 5
    BRUCE PARR 2    
4 BRUCE PARR 7        
        MICK DYETT  
    MICK DYETT 7    
6 ROBERT DISNEY 5        
        MICK DYETT 7
7 ALAN CATHCART 6        
    DAVE BOWER 5    
2 DAVE BOWER 7        


1 BRIAN RAMSEY 6        
4 GREG MITCHELL 2        
6 LES PIERPOINT 7        
7 JULIE CASTLES 1        
    ROBERT SEBOK 4    
2 ROBERT SEBOK 7        


2019 Newcastle Open

The 2019 Newcastle Open Backgammon Tournament final was an all Newcastle affair but who were the finalists and the winner? Go to the Open Details page for the report and some photos!!

2019 Queensland Open Results

Michelle Taubman and Greg Mitchell were winners at the 2019 Queensland Open, Masters and Australian Speedgammon tournaments held August 9th-11th.
Michelle went big time winning the Masters Tournament from Hossein Haydari. Michelle came from behind to lead 9-7 before Hossein ran to a 12-9 lead. Michelle then went close to getting a backgammon to be 11-12 down and then winning the post Crawford game for a 13-12 result.

Greg Mitchell won the last chance tournament trailing David Berry early, getting to Crawford at 8-5 up before winning 9-6.

The Queensland Open went to Steve Quinn from Simon Ustick, both of Victoria. The score was Simon 8-5 before the cube found it's way to 8 in the next game which Steve won. The Speedgammon was won by Vince Turner of QLD from Shane McNally of SA

Top tournament thanks to Simon Woodhead and Steve Roberts and the staff on the desk.
Only unfortunate thing being the havoc caused to flights from Sydney on Friday delaying or deleting some who planned on coming.



Greg Mitchell v David Berry Michelle Taubman - Masters winner Michelle and Hossein Haydari after the Masters Final Greg Mitchell and Michelle

2019 Captain's Trophy Results

Gerhardt Macor is the 2019 Captain's Trophy champion after beating Championship leader, Mick Dyett, 7-1 in the Final on June 21st. Whilst most of the early rounds went to close scores, the final was a one man affair.

The Second Division was also a runaway as first round bye recipients Robert Sebok and Cassie Crebert battled out the final with Robert proving too good, winning 7-0

The grids for the two divisions are below.

    2019 Captain's Trophy Final      
1 MICK DYETT 7        
    MICK DYETT 7    
8 ROBERT DISNEY 6        
        MICK DYETT 1
5 TONY WALKER 5        
    BRIAN RAMSEY 6    
4 BRIAN RAMSEY 7        
6 GERHARDT MACOR 7        
2 DAVID BOWER 5        
7  POINTS       7  POINTS     7   POINTS  


2019 Captain's Trophy 2nd 8
1 ROBERT SEBOK 7        
    ROBERT SEBOK 7    
8 bye 0        
        ROBERT SEBOK 7
5 JULIE CASTLES 0        
    BRUCE PARR 6    
4 BRUCE PARR 7        
        ROBERT SEBOK  
6 MEL DYETT 5        
7 bye 0        
2 CASSIE CREBERT 7        


The Championship Ladder can be viewed via this link .
The remainder of the 2019 dates are on the Dates Page

2019 NSW Backgammon Championships

25 players attended the 2019 NSW Championships. The placegetters were all from Sydney with Peter Brown defeating Arthur Ramer in the final and John Symon and Steve Clarry finishing 3/4. Sunday's $300 Jackpot tournament was split between Taeed Athari and Mick Dyett.

Sydney Open Tournament

Regular Newcastle Open player and former member Paul Barnett took out the first Sydney Open played on Sunday April 7th.

A Report and pics is available on the ABF site at

New Sydney Monthly Tournaments

Monthly tournaments began on Sunday, 10/2/2019, at the Persian Rose Restaurant, Turramurra. Next to be played April 14th.
Registration from 9:30 for a 10 am start. Entry $50 with an optional $50 side pool, Round Robin play.
Chouette and Jackpot tournaments run to demand for players knocked out of the main.
These tournaments will be held on the second Sunday of each month from February to October.

For further details contact either Mick Dyett ( ), ph 0497286149 or Taed Athari ( ), ph 0418207708

President's Trophy

The 2018 President's Trophy was held on Friday, November 23rd. Unfortunately not all those who qualified were available on the night so the second division was reduced to six players.

Dave Bower is the President's Trophy winner, defeating Michelle Taubman 7-6. None of the top 4 qualifiers made it past the first round as Robert Disney beat Adrian Marisescu, Bruce Parr got past Gerhardt Macor, Mick Dyett went down to Michelle Taubman and Dave Bower was too good for Robert Sebok. Dave won 7-1 over Robert and Michelle defeated Bruce 7-6.

In the second division, Costea Ianculescu got a late call-up and made it all the way to the final before losing 7-4 to Tony Walker. Tony defeated Mel Dyett and Les Pierpoint on the way to the final whilst Costea got by Cassie Crebert and Alan Cathcart.

The final grids for the President's Trophies are below:

8 ROBERT DISNEY 7        
        DAVE BOWER 7
5 DAVE BOWER 7        
    DAVE BOWER 7    
4 ROBERT SEBOK 3        
        DAVE BOWER  
7 BRUCE PARR 7        
    BRUCE PARR 6    
2 GERHARDT MACOR 5        


1 LES PIERPOINT 1        
8 BYE 0        
        TONY WALKER 7
5 MEL DYETT 3        
    TONY WALKER 7    
4 TONY WALKER 7        
        TONY WALKER  
7 BYE 0        
2 ALAN CATHCART 1        
7  POINTS   7  POINTS    7 POINTS   


2018 ROUND 20

Round 20 of the 2018 Newcastle Backgammon Club Championship was held on November 2nd with 16 players. Welcome back to Costea Ianculescu and Alan Cathcart.

MIck Dyett's had wrapped up the 2018 Club Championship after winning his Round 19 heat and, in the process, completing a treble of Club Championships.
Adrian Marisescu maintained second spot 8 points behind and Gerhardt Macor nosed out Dave Bower and Greg Mitchell for third.

Winners of Round 20 were Gerhardt Macor, Greg Mitchell, Alan Cathcart and Costea Ianculescu..
The full table is available via this link.

The Australian Backgammon Federation ratings site seems to be working fine now but the latest version, after Round 20 of the Newcastle Club Championship is available on the Club Championship table page (link above)


2018 Australian Open and Masters Championships

Ian Dunstan defeated Newcastle's Gerhardt Macor in the Final of the 2018 Australian Open held on the 3rd and 4th of November. Newcastle provided two of the last 8 players as Mick Dyett also qualified but Gerhardt and Mick were drawn in the same half of the draw and played a semi-final. The other semi-finalist was Jan Spillikom.
The 2018 Master's (18 players) was taken out by Peter Brown from Simon Woodhead. Habib Shalala and Steve Roberts were the semi-finalists. Both Gerhardt and Mick played in the Master's but lost their first matches.


2018 Newcastle Open Result

Martin Sagradian is the 2018 Newcastle Open winner, played in the Patricia Room at Charlestown Bowling Club on Sunday, September 16th.

Full details and some pics (courtesy of Greg Ash) are available on the Open Details page via this link



2018 Auckland Backgammon Championship
Date October 6, 2018 / October 7, 2018

Grant Hoffman (Nelson)                 1st Place
Paul Kellett (Auckland)                   2nd Place
Richard Theunissen (Auckland)    3rd Place
Jo Hodder (Auckland)                     Consolation Prize

Result: Special General Meeting

The result of the Special General Meeting, to discuss the letter received from the Australian Backgammon Federation (posted lower on this page) is available on the AGM page via this link.

Captain's Trophy Results

The results for the 2018 Captain's Trophy Finals, played on June 29th, 2018, are below. Congratulations to Brian Ramsey who defeated Robert Disney in the First division Final and Shaun Harding, 7/4 victor over Alan Cathcart in the second division.

1 MICK DYETT 2        
    BRIAN RAMSEY 7    
8 BRIAN RAMSEY 7        
        BRIAN RAMSEY 7
5 GREG MITCHELL 3        
        BRIAN RAMSEY  
6 CASSIE CREBERT 5        
7 LES PIERPOINT 3        
    DAVID BOWER 5    
2 DAVID BOWER 7        


1 GERHARDT MACOR 5        
8 SHAUN HARDING 7        
4 TONY WALKER 2        
    BRUCE PARR 5    
6 BRUCE PARR 7        
7 JULIE CASTLES 4        
2 ALAN CATHCART 7        



The 2018 NSW Open was conducted at North Ryde RSL in Sydney on Sunday July 15th with 33 players in a Swiss Tournament. The sole survivor, winning all 5 matches, was Martin Sagradian with Peter Brown runner up, George Avramides 3rd and John Symon, who lead the rankings for the first 4 rounds, finishing 4th after losing to Martin in the last round.

Newcastle players Mick Dyett, Robert Disney, Tony Walker, Michelle Taubman and Gerhardt Macor were all out of contention for the top spot after the 3rd round.

Congratulations to the winners. Also to the committee of the Sydney Backgammoners Club who organised the event and Gary Stavrou the Tournament Director. Full report:



ABF Letter

Find below the text of an email received from ABF President, Eva Bitel:


Dear all

I am writing today as it is close to the time when we would like current member clubs to renew their affiliation with the Federation by forwarding the $25 membership fee. Bank details:  Australian Backgammon Federation, BSB 082048, Acc. No. 839626033.Please utilise the form under the membership heading on the ABF website and forward to John Symon at when you have deposited your membership dues and a receipt will be issued.

We are acutely aware that there has not been much advantage in being affiliated (apart from a feeling of solidarity) but we are aiming to offer more in the future such as trophies, financial assistance with venues, advertising expenses etc. This letter is therefore going to all clubs whether affiliated or not in the hope that all clubs will join.

The Board has agreed to provide some financial assistance for approved tournaments, with preference for the smaller clubs to benefit. Please consider what we can do to assist you in any way. We are open to and would appreciate suggestions.

We are also planning to establish a ranking system for members. Therefore I urge you to encourage your members to join the Federation for a small $10 membership fee. Anyone playing in the upcoming 2018 NSW OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS will receive automatic membership.

Sincerely Eva Bitel, President ,                                                           Australian Backgammon Federation                          MAY 2018


The results of the AGM held February 2nd are on the  AGM page.


The 2018 New Zealand Backgammon Championship was held at the Taksim Turkish Bar and Restaurant, Auckland on April 7th and 8th.
There were no Newcastle entries this year but a couple of Australian names appear in the full results although it seems it wasn't a great tournament for them.

The winners, as posted by organiser Anthony Marquette were:
Main: Winner Karsten Nielsen, 2nd Sky Koder, 3rd Grant Hoffman
Consolation: Jan Suchanek, 2nd Ray Barley, 3rd Ian Dunstan (Aus)


Persian Rose Doubles Tournament

The 2018 Doubles Tournament at the Persian Rose Restaurant was conducted on February 18th, 2018.
Newcastle pair Gerhardt Macor and Lorenzo Caita-Mandra came away with the spoils. Mick Dyett's report is below:

The Doubles Tournament was a huge success with every player keen for a repeat. A big thank you goes to the Tournament Director, Taeed Athari, who was instrumental in making this tournament a reality.
Taeed put together a great tournament and he kindly provided the venue (the Persian Rose Restaurant). Taeed and I would like to thank Zvi Bendavid for donating the trophies. Zvi has supported many backgammon tournaments by donating the trophies. This enables all entry fees to be returned as prize money. 
A big thank you goes to Sharne Dyett who worked tirelessly on the front line making sure everything ran smoothly. Not only did she handle the administration side of things with great expertise, but when a player was short of a partner, she volunteered to enter the tournament to ensure a 16 team event. Having never played in a backgammon tournament before, Sharne rose to the occasion by teaming up with Hussein Haydari. 
I would like to thank all the players who attended for supporting such a fun event, especially those who travelled long distances, Grant Hoffman from New Zealand, Simon Uey from Victoria and Hussein Haydari from Canberra.
It was always going to be very tough to win this Tournament. There were some very tough players attending. The first two rounds were nine point matches while the Semi-Finals and Final were 11 point matches. After two rounds we were at the Semi Finals. 
In the first Semi-Final; Gerhardt Macor and Lorenzo Caita-Mandra played Arthur Ramer and Julian Marroquin, while Richard Crawley-Boevey and Martin Sagradian versed Robbie Solomon and Ian Dunstan. Gerhardt and Lorenzo made it through as did Robbie and Ian. As fate would have it, Gerhardt and Ian played in the finals of the 2017 Australian Backgammon Championships, with Ian winning the title. That they met again in the finals of a tough doubles tournament is no accident, they are both very strong players. This time though they both have help. Robbie Solomon, one of the strongest players in Australia and Lorenzo, who may not have as much experience as Robbie, but is just as determined to win the tournament. The match is a tight one, until Ian and Robbie take the advantage 10-6 Crawford. Gerhardt and Lorenzo win Crawford (making the score 10-7), and then Gerhardt gives an automatic double in the next game. Gerhardt plays for a blitz and it succeeds. Match and Championship win to Gerhardt and Lorenzo. Congratulations to both teams for getting to the finals and putting on a great show, not just in the finals but on the road to getting there. 
The thing which is so interesting about a consulting Doubles Tournament is being able to hear the thought process of the players as they plan their moves and cube strategies. 
We had a $50 knockout with eight players involved. The Final was played between Alex Falon and Simon Uey with Simon taking the win. Congratulations to both.
This Doubles Format proved to be very popular, and it is no surprise that players were making inquiries about organising another one, and we will. After all…we love the game.
Mick Dyett.



The 2017 Presentation night was held at Charlestown Bowling Club on Friday December 8th. A barefoot bowls session was followed by a BBQ dinner.

Mick Dyett and Brian Ramsey collected the majority of the spoils with Mick winning the 2017 Club Championship and the Willy Backes Memorial Top 8 Trophy and Brian winning both the Captain's and President's Trophies as well as runner up in the Club Championship. Gerhardt Macor took 3rd in the CC and Alan Cathcart and Costea Ianculescu won the Captain's and President's second divisions respectively.

Some photos of the night are available on the Presentation night page.


2017 Club Championship Final Result

Round 20 of the 2017 Club Championship was played on November 10th with 14 players in four groups at Charlestown Bowling Club.
Mick Dyett ran down long time leader Brian Ramsey to defend the Newcastle Club Championship by 1 point after the final round. With both players in the same part of the draw it was up to who could finish highest in the group as to who would win and Mick's win over Brian in the middle match of the round robin was enough to see him over the line.
Gerhardt Macor finished third by winning the top 4 clash and Adrian Marisescu placed fourth by winning his RR.

Winners of round 20 were Gerhardt Macor, Costea Ianculescu, Alan Cathcart and Adrian Marisescu
The tables page is here.

2017 President's Trophy Result

Brian Ramsey won his third President's Trophy in a row on November 24th by beating Robert Disney in the Final 9-2. Brian defeated Alan Cathcart and Adrian Marisescu in the first 2 rounds whilst Robert beat Bruce Parr and Mick Dyett.
Costea Ianculescu had to survive an extra round on his way to winning the President's second division, defeating Michelle Taubman 7-5 in the Final. Costea and Ian Dews had to play a round 1 match as only 5 players contended. Costea then beat Robert Sebok in the semi and Michelle outlasted Dave Bower 7-6.
The result grids for the President's Trophy divisions are below

A reminder that the Top 8 Trophy on December 1st. The draw grid is below. As noted above Presentation night is December 8th.


2017 PRESIDENT'S TROPHY FIRST 8   24/11/17    
1 MICK DYETT 7          
    MICK DYETT 5      
8 LES PIERPOINT 3          
        ROBERT DISNEY 2  
5 BRUCE PARR 2          
    ROBERT DISNEY 7      
4 ROBERT DISNEY 7          
        BRIAN RAMSEY    
6 ADRIAN MARISESCU 7          
        BRIAN RAMSEY 9  
7 ALAN CATHCART 0          
    BRIAN RAMSEY 7      
2 BRIAN RAMSEY 7          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS   9 POINTS    


2017 PRESIDENT'S TROPHY 2ND DIV.  24/11/17    
1 ROBERT SEBOK 1          
    ROBERT SEBOK 0      
8 BYE 0          
5 IAN DEWS 2          
    DAVID BOWER 6      
6 BYE 0          
7 BYE 0          
2 MICHELLE TAUBMAN 1          
7  POINTS   7  POINTS    7 POINTS    


2017 TOP 8 FINAL 1/12/17  
1 MICK DYETT          
          MICK DYETT  
5 TONY WALKER          
          MICK DYETT  
6 BRUCE PARR          
          BRUCE PARR  
7 ALAN CATHCART          
2 BRIAN RAMSEY          
  7  POINTS   9  POINTS   9 POINTS  

Players are reminded that should there be any dispute during the playing of a match to please ask for a ruling at the time. We have enough experienced players capable of giving a verdict on any problem that may arise during a match. Copies of the rules are always in the box for perusal at any time.

2017 Australian Open

Newcastle's Gerhardt Macor fell just short of winning the 2017 Australian Open held at the Persian Rose restaurant in Turramurra on the weekend of 11/12 November.
In what was a double elimination tournament (meaning players had to be defeated twice to be knocked out) Gerhardt won the winner's bracket meaning he only had to win once in the finals series to win the tournament. Sydney's Ian Dunstan won through to the final through the loser's bracket (being the only player to have lost only 1 match during the tournament) and went on to defeat Gerhardt in the last 2 matches.




Congratulations to Ben Phillips on winning the 2017 Newcastle Open from Robert Disney 9-8 on Sunday at Charlestown Bowling Club. Semi-Finalists were Mehmet Tuglu and Jan Spillekom. 25 final entries, from Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast, competed in 7 round robins to decide the make up of the field for the knock out Bracket with all round robin winners qualifying. The Final field makeup was drawn from the hat hence "position 2" being the bye.
Ben was down 3-8 but just kept surviving and hitting the "last chance" blots that were forced to be left to take out the title.
The Consolation Tournament, open to all those that didn't qualify for the main was won by Martin Sagradian from Sydney over Newcastle's Adrian Marisescu.
Thanks to all that attended especially those who travelled distance to come.
Special thanks to Charlestown Bowling Club and First Creek wines (via Bruce Parr) for their contributions to the day. Also to Michelle Taubman for her assistance on the day.

The Final grid is below:

1 STEPHEN DAVY            
    JAN SPILLEKOM        
8 JAN SPILLEKOM            
        ROBERT DISNEY 8